I openly warn the tribes in Syria

I am giving the tribes a clear warning.

-You are becoming deathly silent. Those against you are only the paper tigers. Even though you have to pay a price, you must stand tall and fight. Otherwise, your worldly life and afterlife will turn into hell and you will lose.

No one can make a cut into my skin. I will cut those who cut me but I cut them right in their carodit artery or the Aort artery or in their spinal cords. I cut their system, their think tank, the most important men of them. Eventually, I would cause them lose hundreds and thousand times more than they would make me lose.

I am against fraud. I am against fraud by those who are at the head of the state.

No one should stop or make a cut on those things which must be delivered to me. Otherwise, they will pay the price that the whole world will talk about.

Do you have to listen to me, yes…

I speak and struggle to prevail the humane principles. I am not struggling against your religions, prayers, ideas, preferences or anything you have which is legal.

I am trying to change this world which has turned into hell. So, you have to listen to me because no one have the right to turn this world into hell or keep it that way.

Listen to me and save yourselves. That’s all… Otherwise, the process may take longer but the end of the path for you is clear: The hell…

Taiwan also must have an internal fight. I am not against the all of the people of Taiwan. I am not against any of the peoples. I separate them into the good and bad. There is good and bad in every nation. The good ones among the people of Taiwan, those who want to oficially prevail in Asia and even in the most part of the land called China among them must have the necessary internal fight and display the necessary stance. They should also comply with the humane principles that Istanbul stands for.

Therefore, Istanbul’s Taiwan policy will change.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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