The Sahara desert will return to its ancient times form

I am very determined to fill the Sahara desert with huge cities which will be full of artificial inland seas, artificial lakes, canal lines and earthscrapers. Green and blue will meet everywhere in the Sahara. Sahara will be the old Sahara as it was before.

I’ve been writing it for years. I continue to disrupt the climate devices which artificially control the climates across the world. There are lakes formed because of the heavy rains in the Sahara desert in these days.

I don’t care about the alien parties under the ground as well. I can defeat all of them. There is already no one left against me above the ground.

Make your investment plans accordingly. Do not invest your money in concrete, asphalt, railways, the so-called electric cars, airline companies or the worthless battery industry. Do not put money on the Ankebut Cult which is already collapsed and do not be deceived by the irrational manipulations of them.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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