Let’s take a photo dude..

Take a photo of me like I am a secret Armenian/gypsy traitor who is trying to make a display of strenght with the American aircraft carrier when it is exposed that he is a pawn of others when the atmosphere became so tense.

Press the button without mercy…
Otherwise, someone will pull the trigger of their guns without mercy…

News text:

Chairman of Baykar Selçuk Bayraktar visited the world’s largest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, upon the invitation of the U.S.

Even though the system want him rise to a high position, Tayyip knew and accepted that Selçuk was an empty-headed.

He knew that no matter how they try, he is a lost cause.

Selçuk doesn’t even have the skill to understand the people properly and make the right decisions in the following process.
He is a wooden-headed…

I have written it before. You can find so many of this type of men in the coffee houses in Turkiye. They gossip and tell fake memories day and night. No one around them respect this type of men.

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