Those who burn forests will be executed

Those who burned the forests to implement their projects will be executed. I already declared the article of the law and warned the parties.

They will be executed in public places in the areas they burned to make projects. Even those who consider themselves king or untouchable will be executed.

Everyone who send and kept our soldiers, intelligence personnel, political officials there with bad intentions, for black money and exploitation and those who are still keeping them there will be executed. All of the businessmen and the businesswomen and their gangs who aided and abetted to these crimes and received their share will be executed.

Those who are the pawns of Putin, Macron, London, those who made our army and state institutions an instrument of black money, organ and petrol trafficking struggles will be executed within the scope of treachery, war crimes, terrorism offenses, crimes against humanity and other crimes.

Turkish people can’t even get bread, can’t even feed their children, they are suffering from massive tax burden but the organised traitors who took over the state system in our country with the damned system called democracy are still putting the burden on our people in Libya. They are taking the money they get from there for themselves. They share the money with Putin, Macron, London gypsies and the others that we know.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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