Clear the area around the gas and oil drilling rigs in Syria, Iraq and Iran. Some of them don’t understand me, I will give them a lesson. Then, maybe they will understand…

Do not make business with the companies who transport the oil from those wells. Do not buy their shares. Do not even drive for them. If you have an insurance company, do not make a contract with them. Do not stay or around in any company, system, army, mafia, gang, land and sea vehicles that transport the oil and gas from land or sea. Do not live in the same building or even in the same street with the people who are involved in these businesses. If it’s a detached house, do not be neighbors to these people.

Move away from the oil refineries and the gas and oil deposits in those three countries and also those in Turkiye, immediately.

Do not live and work near the gas and oil pipelines in Turkiye.

If you live in Turkiye or the countries around Turkiye, push your limits and have a fire extinguisher, gas masks, inflatable boat for your houses and offices.

Even if they put a gun to your head, do not make business with the traitor gang called the Ankara government, Russia, Syria/Asad, Iran, Iraq, the USA, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Serbia. Do not burn yourselves with them.

If I have to burn the whole world to gain my country’s true freedom, and if I have to burn this region to do this, then watch me how I will…

There will be major city fires in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkiye. The big cities will be burned as Hawaii was burned. Take precautions.

They do not understand me at all… As they wish.

From now on, oil, gas and everything similar to those, the wells, the rafineries, the pipelines that transport them, sea and land vehicles and the technical personnel working in those parts in that artificial country called Azerbaijan who is the hideous dog of London and Israel will burn and explode.

Everything will burn down or explode. Every employee will expose to the metaphysical signals, will burn, die or they will become seriously ill for a long term.

Even the electronical devices and even the computers in the offices will expose to the metaphysical signals. Some offices and buildings will burn completely.

Azerbaijan will turn into ash just like Hawaii was burned to ash.

The Saudi America, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait will also expose to our signals. They will experience hell through their own oil or/and gas, either.

There is no need to take any other additional safety precautions for the Istanbul Strait except our precautions that we apply. The herd who live in this city deserve to be burned. Let them explode it. Let them do it as soon as possible. Seventy percent of this city is unnecessary burden.

Even if the whole planet will disappear… Even if the American continent will be disintegrated and submerged into the ocean… Even if the Europe will burn to ash and if there will be surface subsidences in Europe… Even if the Middle East will burn to ashes… Even if Qatar and UAE will be submerged into the ocean… Even if Russia will burn to ashes from one end of it to another… Even if the third world war break out and hundreds of nuclear bombs will be exploded… Even if Istanbul will burn to ashes… Even if there will be only five million people left in the world… Even if all of the underground cities will be destroyed… I will liberate Turkiye. And I will strangle the black money trafficking, human and organ trafficking, satanism, treachery and traitors in Turkiye.

Let the humanity spit in the face of those who will turn back from this path. Allah will curse the herd. The small group of people that called the nation is enough for me. The population of Turkiye should decline to 20 million, immediately. Who would deal with tens of millions of demonized, perverted people who are not even ashamed of nudity and adultery…

They will explain themselves to the angels of Hell…

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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