Hidden Armenian/Gypsy youtubers: Orhun Topkaya, Ilkay Tınastepe

TRT ran a long story about İlkay Tınastepe who make videos with also Orhun Topkaya but it has no news value at all.

It is said that he uses drone while guiding the herds. He started to use drone nine months ago.

How many people and sector left in the country who don’t use drones?

I heard it from one of the videos of Orhun. Orhun visited İlkay in Afyon. İlkay was telling that they don’t usually watch the herd of sheep, that they have so many shepherding dogs and those dogs graze the herd. In fact, he told that a sheep was died. One of the dogs didn’t come back and sat by the dead sheep. And then they went up to it.

They sometimes tell super dog stories and sometimes drone stories… They have no success but they are the super shepherds, farmers… They are also super youtubers… What a great Turkiye…

Why is TRT involved all of these because İlkay who is an unskilled person from the same people… He is a secret Armenian/gypsy and his youtube channel doesn’t grow. It doesn’t get attention, it doesn’t have a theme, he doesn’t have talent. They continue to aid and abet them through TRT. The name “İlkay” is even cryptic… It is one of the name they used mostly.

They use every resources for the gypsies and it offends me so much.

And also, they are trying to make a young girl named Sütçü Tezene famous. All of them make videos with her and share the videos on their channels. Orhun Topkaya made a video with her, either. I saw it on his channel. You just look at her family and can easily understand that they are one of the crypto-ID families… She doesn’t have talent, quality or difference. There is nothing worth watching in her videos. They keep pushing it even though it doesn’t work out and will not.

Where is the National Intelligence Organization, where is our other National Intelligences all this while, their senior staff are full of with crypto-ID traitors… They use the institutions for them instead of exposing or destroying them.

They are those who are touting for Atatürk everywhere…

The blood in my veins seems to stop. This is such a treachery, game and disgrace… And they drugging all the real Turks and muslim down as they try. This system pushs them out everywhere before they understand what is happening.

Also, Ali Çetinkaya whose name is given to some places in Afyon and who was one of the executioner of Atatürk is a secret Armenian/gypsy.

He hanged so many real Turks. I think he didn’t even knew the number of it… It is that much…

There are still some places having his name. They are still talking about him as if he was a hero and a statesman.

He was one of the previous generation members of the system.

This is the “Sütçü Tezene”
Sema Mihaliç

This channel couldn’t even have two thousand followers. They are supporting her. It is the Armenian/gypsy solidarity but her channel reached only twenty-five thousand followers. That girl seems like she won’t continue to work for the channel…

It wouldn’t be surprising to see her on the news on TRT…

This is Turkiye, but it is the secret Armenian in practice…

And the name of the mask of this secret government is Adıtürkçülük…

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