Bashar al-Assad still works for the Ankebut Network

Bashar al-Assad is still working for the Ankebut Cult. He is still taking instructions from the UK. He is still damaging Turkiye and the Turkish people. He will pay a heavy price for this. He has behaviors that can be considered as act of war and we will consider them act of war. We will go to war with Syria when the days of the AKPKK will end. We will leave no foreign elements in the region.

The paper tigers which are called the USA, France, etc. and which appear strong countries because of the news, publications, the false comments of the commentators will be thrown out from the region in a week the most. We will show the world how they are weak, desperate, poor and that they are without army…

We will stop their black money businesses. Then, we will not care if they plunge into crises. When they are collapsed completely, we, as Turkiye will seize everything they have in exchange for our receivables. The true allies of Turkiye will be with us during the process. Especially, the African countries which are exploited as much as Turkiye will be with us. On this occasion, they will be relieved, financially relieved suddenly.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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