Turkiye’s straits and ports are closed to black money traffic

I will respond harshly to those who are forcing Istanbul Strait and the Çanakkale Strait for the black money trafficking.

I already declared that the ports and the workers will expose to the heavy metaphysical signals. I will also respond harshly to those who will cross the land part of the road because of they cannot cross the Strait and will prefer the ports in Aegan sea and Mediterranean sea. I forbid all kind of black money businesses even including the tobacco/cigarette smuggling especially in Mersin Port.

It is in plain sight how those who challenged me ended up like but from this day on, they will be so much worse.

If the gypsy black money and betrayal Organisation and Abdullah Gül, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Ali Babacan, Meral Akşener and Hakan Fidan need black money urgently, then they should rip their own organs out of them and sell them. They are already work for evil and are not useful. They should take a drug overdose and they will overcome all of their difficulties. And this nation and the other nations will be relieved.

If a country build a military base or carry out a military buildup on any island in Aegean region or arm the region, then it means that the country declares war against us…

Turkiye will evaluate this kind of behaviors as a declaration of war and we will respond accordingly.

If the military buildups of the USA, France and the other countries on the mainland of Greece will not be removed, Turkiye will evaluate it as a big threat to our national security and will respond accordingly.

Even if not only one but tens of world wars will break out one after another at shorter intervals…

I will keep the Istanbul Strait and the Çanakkale Strait closed to all kind of black money businesses, and especially to the ships which smuggling organs and human.

Look at my previous publications… I already wrote that, “I will write how this will end. At the end, there will be a great challenge and struggle about the Straits.” It has been a long time since I wrote it.

I will write what will happen thereafter.

Neither the USA, England, Israel, Egypt, India, Pakistan, France, Italy nor Spain can stand with Greece. All of them will be useless. All of these countries have already collapsed. They have tens of mind-blowing difficulties.

Greece will pay the price as heavy as it deserves of being a pawn of others, of being arrogant against the Turkish people for tens of years, for aided and abetted kidnap millions of people. Our ancient lands which remained under our rule for centuries will be included our homeland again. The ıslands and even the mainland of Greece will no longer exist. We will end human and organ trafficking, persecution, immorality, corruption, perversion and devilry in those lands, either.

We will also truly liberate those lands.

They brought a few gypsies to the head of Turkiye illegally through the Masonry and they think that the country is their own.

Who are those gypsies? How long does it take to take them and arrest them? Who is it they called Greece? How long does it take to throw them to the sea?

There is provocation, arrogance, impudency, lawlessness everyday… Turkiye’s institutions turned into cats because of the gypsies and filled with traitors who turn tail and sit.

We are fed up with these traitors and the collusions they are in with our enemies. We do not have an enemy as Greece. The thing called Greece cannot be regarded as a hostile element to us. It is such a disgrace. We have to strangle those traitor gypsies and masons, and end this disgrace.

The USA, England, France or others… A war will break out between those who will settle in to the Aegean region by using the permission of unofficial authority called Greece… We will shoot their air, land, navy elemens…

We will never compromise on this matter. We will take back our ıslands which they took them from us with deceit and betrayal. And we won’t stop there and take the mainland of Greece.

We have no fear of the paper tigers. It is not even an issue for us to tear them apart…

Those who break its charisma more should come to the Aegean region or Mediterranean region and surround us.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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