They have to do their final preparations

The technical men who will come to Turkiye from the USA and will live and work here honestly and with good intentions and who will suit Istanbul’s sensibilities should begin to prepare to come to Turkiye. Not only in the current Turkiye, I will also appoint them on our lands which will be expanded rapidly soon.

Turkiye will implement hundreds of huge projects within the next 3 or 5 years. These staffs will be settled in, adapted to the country and ready until those days. Those who will follow the rules will have no trouble. They will have great freedoms in religion, prayer, opinion and speech. They will be under no pressure. They will not experience injustice. They will live in very good financial conditions.

It is illogical and risky for them to continue staying in the USA… Soon, the USA will turn into a terrible place. There will be no life or property security.

Also, the states which will separate themselves from the USA and continue on its own or with a few states should make the final preparations. Turkiye/Istanbul will support them as well.

Then, I will make the technical staffs (who will suit the conditions) to come to Turkiye from Europe and settle in. They will live in very good conditions when the world are in crises.

There will not only be the engineers, scientists, academics among the technical staffs in question but there will be judges, prosecutors, teachers, farmers, stock breeders in them.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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