They can’t see the end of the movie

Israel will pay a heavy price for keeping the grain deal project in operation in front of the whole world. Those who don’t want to be damaged, those who don’t want to lose everything they have in life must stay away from Israel and its surroundings. They must stay away from all the members of the Israel-based satanic system.

Even if the world goes out of its orbit, hurtle towards the sun and burn in such a short time… I swear that I will destroy the center of the evil called Israel. I will not allow them to kidnap human and organs, to organize all kind of satanic businesses, to spread nudity and perversion everywhere, to lead the people astray.

I will never give them the opportunity to dehumanize the people from the land, sea, air or  from the underground.

We will not allow Trump to escape from the corner he got stuck this time. This will be the last time he will be cornered. We will take him out of the game. Everyone in the field will do their part on this matter.

You keep arguing because of you cannot see the big picture or what is happening in the field. You are arguing in vein and losing your time. You don’t need to know what is happening, because no matter which path you will follow, there is no doubt how this film is going to end.

Even if you would know what the playmakers in the field and especially Istanbul want to do or what they are doing and you would make the right decisions in response… The result will not change.

As I can see, most of you will have short lives… You have a lot of money saved up but you couldn’t spend it. Take vacation, have fun, enjoy your last days.

And just so you know, Istanbul is the only party and the playmaker in the field, it is the only party who knows where it is heading and leading the field accordingly… All the others are in deadlock, they are struggling. They are trying to find black money without weighing its consequences. And it accelerates the ruin of them.

Israel is no longer a safe country even for the tourists. If the countries who send tourists to Israel wouldn’t take the necessary precautions after these warnings, they will be as responsible for the civillian casualties as Israel. And what I wrote in this article will be presented against the current authorities of these countries during the trials.

There is nothing holy in Israel. Everyone learned, understand that even Quds is a fake Quds and the Masjid Al-Aqsa is a fake Masjid Al-Aqsa. The authoritative and influential people should be honest on these matters.

These are not somethings that can be hidden or can be covered up. Everyone will hear and accept these facts in a short time.

No one will suppress or lead the African countries. We will give the African countries/peoples a choice and free will as we give to everyone. No one should make an unnecessary effort. Then, we will make them experience the results according to their preferences. That’s all… I made them understand clearly in the recent article that I wrote. I made them understand that we will add the countries who will make wrong choices to the list of the countries who are against us and we will make them experience many troubles without wasting any time.

We will not chase after anyone. The African parties know who we are and the stance that we have. They also know who are the western and eastern pawns of the UK, what they are after and that they are in collusion.

We are not colonists and we will not be. We will not take time for the idiots who say “let Russia and China who are under the command of the UK to exploit some”.

What happened? Did the USA give up on Wagner? Is it the reason the USA’s demeanor softened because of Wagner threat increased for Putin?

Do the African countries come under the control of Russia, the USA, Europe or who will take them under control?

Aren’t the exploitation incomes flowing to Europe, London, the USA and Israel from Russia?

What happened? Has the China-Taiwan collusion taken a great blow? Has it been exposed? Are the official actors of the field showing “strange” attitude on this matter because of people no longer believe the China-Taiwan collusion?

If the technical men and business groups stop supporting China, there would be wave of riots because of hunger in less than a month in China which is already collapsed but trying to hide it. It would be divided into parts in the following months. Not only NATO, the West and the countries which their allies and called the “powerful countries”… Only Taiwan can throw China into crises, it can crush China even without a war. The whole world would see how China who is an inflated baloon will burst suddenly and get shocked.

It’s enough already and these collusions are already exposed. Tell London to find new games. Everything London spent for the plan of making China the new, forced and fake super power are wasted. Istanbul trampled the plan under its foot. Everything including the effort, time, men, money London will spend will be wasted as long as it insist on implementing this plan.

There is only one country in the world who is promising, and it is Turkiye… Even Turkiye will not gain anyone anything in the next 5 years.

Russia and Japan are working together from the background. So do the North Korea and the South Korea… So do the North Korea and Japan… The North Korea have a good relationship the USA. The balances of friends and enemies telling to the world humanity is a lie…

Tens of countries who seem to be hostile to each other are working together from the background as friends for tens of years. They continue to collusion.

All of them are led by the masons, satanists, the money launderers. These people have a system in operation called ” The Global System”. We call them “The Ankebut Cult”.

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