There are thick-headed ones too much…

I am not calling those gypsy who I used to call the secret Armenian and the secret Jews.

Look at the previous publications, I said “you are neither Armenian nor Jewish, you are gypsies.” repeatedly but I didn’t focus on this too much and didn’t go into detail. Besides, I didn’t mean only those in Turkiye. I meant those all around the world. Because it is not important what the person know, it is important what the person can tell and what his interlecutor can understand…

I am very careful about it on every matter and I don’t immediately tell every fact that I know. I am not telling it at once. In fact, I do not tell the shocking truths that I know.

Despite this, some people see me as insane and crazy. Because this is human nature, they get hostile to everything they cannot understand. They react it harshly. But the honest, sincere, moral, well-intentioned, patient people stay calm and display behaviors that suit them. They do not obey their nefs and satans immediately, they behave like a human. Those who do not do these will enter the team of the bugler, they start making troubles immediately, start to lie and this way they show how useless they are. If you have a look at their life, you would see that they did all sorts of vileness. The sins became normal to them. They gossip all the time. They try to find issues and people to annoy them all the time, otherwise they cannot rest easy.

Besides, I openly wrote “There is no race as Armenian” in my articles months ago. I am being sensitive again and I call some people “Armenian/gypsy” instead of calling them gypsies. Because I know that these people are not entirely gypsies. They have mixed genes. A high number of mixed-races/nations formed as a result of sexual intercourses between gypsies and different human species.

I am sincere, honest and not even lynching the entirely gypsies. I classify even those who have well-intentioned among them. I am not doing injustice. I am not being racist. I reveal the historical and shocking truths by spreading it over time. Everyone including my friends and enemies can understand that this is what I do and that’s the way I do. Then, why are some people trying to make noises here and there? Because they have no interest in it…

It is not possible for anyone not to see the sincerity, honesty, good intention and justice I display during my service for more than ten years. But some people have become demonized, dehumanized enough to deny what they see. They have seen miracles in the hands of the prophets, they said “show us miracles and we will believe what you tell us” but they didn’t believe even though they have seen. This kind of people didn’t even believe the prophets, how come they believe me?. They were hostile even to the prophets, how come they wouldn’t become my enemy? They even slandered the prophets, how come they wouldn’t slander me?

Their noises never end. Answering them wouldn’t help it. Because they already know the facts but they have become demonized and they are trying to find issues and people to annoy. I have no cure for them. No one have a cure for them. Islamic laws have the cure for them. But it doesn’t exist, do not applied in the world at the moment.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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