Nobody will be able to prevent it

After my latest publications, nobody will be able to prevent the changes in the religious, historical, political fields and therefore in the military and financial fields from taking place. Because of my publications are under censor, these informations are spreading only among the influential and authoritative people around the world and in some small circles among the peoples. But this censorship will be broken soon. Also, this kind of publications will help to break the censorship. Therefore, the people against us don’t have too much time, they have to do something and they don’t have a way out, though.

They are in miserable condition. There are demonic people at the head of many states and religious groups in the word who would burn the whole world to prevent the censorship from breaking, to prevent the humanity from learning this kind of informations and to prevent their current systems from collapsing…

From now on, we have to be so much more careful, cautious and diligent about ensuring Istanbul’s safety against potential danger from the sea.

The real Masjid al-Aqsa in Istanbul, the Mount Sinai (Tower of Babel) and the other places are under protection. This city is protecting by a very advanced technology even the aliens who live in this world don’t have for thousands of years but, this doesn’t mean that artificial earthquake attacks or attacks with nuclear bombs cannot be carried out in Istanbul.

It’s not only air strikes, there is also a possibility that they can bring a nuclear bomb through the sea and explode it near the city of Istanbul. There is also a possibility that they can explode a nuclear-powered submarine or a submarine carrying nuclear missiles “by making it look like an accident” instead of a nuclear bomb. It is not something only the servants of the west at the head of Russia, the fierce enemeis of the turkish people and islam can do. Different parties can attempt to do something like this.

Those who cannot accept the fact that Istanbul, the most ancient religious and political center of the world will be the religious and political center of the world again may react violently but they will hit a hard rock. They will receive a very harsh response.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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