Which USA?

Maybe the USA will divide into states after the expected disasters which will occur very soon.

Maybe some of these states will establish a federative government system again in a short time.

Maybe the new state will be named as the USA? Maybe they will even claim that the state is the continuation of the former state which is the USA?

Maybe the system of the USA won’t be divided or collapsed and so many states will leave the system and the USA will maintain its presence in this way.

There are always different probabilities.

But one thing is certain: The USA will never be the same as before. It will obey Istanbul, it will truly solve its problems, it will change a lot. It will no longer be a colonist country and will be a really powerful, prosperous and peacefull country.

I want to establish good relationship with Vietnam. Vietnam also should have an internal fight and should have a definite stance. They should choose whose side they will be on…

The nuclear plants and the nuclear bombs in the countries of those who support and do business with the Ankara government are continue to tense up. Those who believe that they are protecting the nuclear plants and bombs metaphysically are in an historic delusion. The underground cities in the background are also continue to tense up. If our metaphysical signals continue to reach the target points under or above the ground, the world will turn into hell and even if the world or our country will turn into hell, we will gain our country’s true freedom.

And if necessary, we will destroy the so-called refugees in the country during the hellish events but we will make harsh interventions in this matter as soon as possible. In fact, we already gave up on the most of the people in Turkiye.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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