We will not sell, we will fight

It is said that NATO and the USA don’t have the capability and the financial means for war and they are not prepared for it. Türkiye’s conditions are also not really wide but we have enough power to easily crush and destroy Russia who have a state system that cannot function anymore, that is a state who cannot provide food to its soldiers, that its ranking soldiers in the army are disobeying the commands through a war. We have enough power to cut off its branches in Turkiye and Syria and to solve the problems it caused.

If we have to go to war with both Russia and the countries called Arab at the same time to solve the problems of Turkiye, then we will. We will go to war with every country who causes us trouble and interferes in our country, who sets us traps, who exploits us, who are trying to apply a covert invasion projects in our country. We will gain great spoils during war and will immediately bind up our wounds. We will let our finance breath immediately.

If we have to start the third world war and change the map of the entire world to solve Turkiye’s problems, then we will. We will never allow anyone to give away Turkiye’s the remaining assets to a few so-called Arabic tribal system which are not even counted as countries and to those money launderer scumbags.

Why are the remaining assets of Turkiye given away to them? Those lands are our former lands, we should go and take them back? If they don’t want Turkiye to solve its problems but want Turkiye remain in never-ending difficult conditions and in never-ending suffering to bring them constant income… If they are still pushing our buttons and express hostility openly, then we will do what has to be done and say “That’s enough, who do you think you are?”…

Who can protect them from us? Is it Russia who is already collapsed? Is it England who cannot even breath anymore? Is it France where riots are taking place because of hunger? Is it the USA who cannot pay salary to its soldiers? Is it Italy who try to hide its major crises and telling tales to its adult individuals about Baloon Musk? There would be no state, no authority system in the country called Qatar if the Turkish army hadn’t been there. We are even feeding the leechs that are sucking our blood through our army, our children. At what period of history had such a great betrayal and vileness been seen? Do this country have to have the traitor Ankara government who did and still does such a betrayal? Why is there an atmosphere that we have to have them to solve our problems?

We will truly solve the problems. If we have to pay the prices, then we will. We will crush and destroy those who cause us trouble. Even if it will be the traitor Ankara government… We will end the exploitation. We will end the exploitation and the collapse plan through the refugees. We will intervene every problem with realistic solutions. The problems cannot be resolved by delaying it, denying it, hiding it, by selling or giving away the assets or with IMF, NATO or the UN.

Also the problems cannot be resolved with Şimşek or people like him… These cannot be resolved with people who are British citizens or CIA personnel.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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