It must be destroyed

In the very near future, Turkiye will shoot the Starlink satellites of Baloon Musk with laser guns.

This attitude of Turkiye will not be against the international law.

Because Baloon Musk and the power element who uses him in the field are the enemies of the entire humanity and especially of the muslim Turks. They are using the technological means they have aggressively and with bad intentions in order to damage people.

The Starlink satellites can be shot with the laser guns without wasting any time in a few weeks and in an illegal way. Such a behavior is not an offense under the terrorism act. Because the system of Starlink must be destroyed with the intention of protecting the humanity and without a day’s delay.

This is not even hard to do in today’s technology. Even a small group of people who produced a laser gun or those who have them somehow can do this and should do this.

The Starlink satellites are threatening the national security of Turkiye.

A couple of masons, Jews and satanists who think they are the owner and the kings of the entire humanity must be slapped hard through this way, they should be shook and awakaned from their deep sleep.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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