I am just warning, the decision is yours…

Netanyahu, Temim, Sisi, Putin and people like them will never come to Turkiye. I’m telling you, it’s your choice… You will decide what to live… I do not want to see those gypsies, those money launderers in my country.

Turkiye will not be a side or a pawn of the east, the west, NATO, Russia, the so-called Arabs, England, Israel, the USA or the UN. Turkiye will not be a country swinging around between the collusions. Turkiye will remain as a party its own right and continue to lead the world on every issue.

And this herd which cannot be called as a nation will continue to be in hunger, to die and they will be unable to find peace even for one minute. Sooner or later, Turkiye will be cleaned. Order will restored in Turkiye. No matter how painful or destructive it will be… I keep our true nation out of this generalization, they are in few number but they will not be in trouble.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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