Run boy, hurry up. The Crimean Bridge is exploded again. We were humiliated before but this time we are ruined.

Now look…

You will find the boots, the bombs, the weapons or something else of the attackers around the bridge. Do you understand me? Arrange everything, I am arranging the press, media and the social media part. Make it clean, I don’t want any problems.

Make sure that they cannot say, “Why did the Crimean Bridge explode? How can the explosion not be explained, and how can you not find the attackers after all this time? Besides, it exploded for the second time in a way you cannot explain. The whole world already knows that Ukraine didn’t do this. What are you hiding? You remained silent even after the latest publications of Mfs. Why did you call for an emergency meeting of the Security Council of Russia after Mfs’s publication that shook the world and talk about “protecting the critical facilities of Russia”? A few days ago, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was about to explode. You are up to something and hiding something from us. What is happening in Russia? Why are the places burning, exploding in Russia every single day?

Russia’s back is broken now. It can no longer benefit anyone and it will be a heavy burden for everyone. But it is not be limited to its broken back. Its head will be cracked, its limbs will be cut off. It will take very harsh blows one after another. There will be no state as Russia or it will sustain its existence as a small Republic.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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