Macron’s latest situation became a lesson for others

I told you. I said, “throw some cash at him to shut him up. He has become a beggar.” But you didn’t. You are right, though. You don’t have money, either. It can’t go on this way. Millions of people in France are in hunger and who can feed them regularly and how? They have already no spirituality or religion. They have no fear of God, either. Hungry people know no obstacles, they cannot be suppressed and silenced. Those who rise under the prexet of a 17 year old boy who have killed unjustly today can rise tomorrow by saying that “you have two eyebrows above your eyes”.

Anyways… I have told this for years that these days would come… I have done this to France, I collapsed it day by day by disrupting its businesses, incomes and money traffic. I threw them from Africa. I do not regret it, I am so happy and I am not going to stop. Those who are in their right mind should escape from there immediately and shouldn’t leave money in France. They should sell if they have property in France…

The USA, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany and England are the next countries. It will be really fun, you won’t be able to get me out of your mind as you watch. That is why I kept saying that you should leave the big and unsafe harbours and go to the small and safe harbours.

There is this part of it which became a lesson to everyone. The gypsies who have defective genes (they are gypsies even though they identified themselves as Armenian, Jewish, Pakistani, Afghan, Indian or from the other nations) must be brought to the country. I have written so much about it, you’ll see if you look what wrote in the past. You would have removed Macron from power for a thousand times by now, if you can act with common sense. Anyways, this was your choice.

This will be a process which shows what happen to the people who constantly play with my cases from the background. Also Macron didn’t behave well. He made the law unfunctional in Turkiye and made the empty, unsupported cases turn into big problems as Trump and Merkel did. But, this is the result… What goes around comes around, and the day comes around and Mfs bury Macron, too.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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