I won’t be appeared on the stage, don’t be scared

You are not listening to me and make the atmosphere tense unnecessarily. You are the ones who see what real power is and escape. From here, you look like rats who are afraid of their shadows.

I would have put you into fire if Putin said something wrong. I was going to burn the whole world. The day would have never dawned again to you. You would have called it “the never ending day”.

He stepped back quietly. He should know his place and stop making me nervous by provoking me.

They already made headlines such as “Putin didn’t make statements that will change the fate of Russia as Kremlin claims”.

Lukashenko chose to cancel his pre-planned and pre-made speech instead of changing it which was already enough for him to hear the word “Istanbul”.

Putin is talking… He says that the Russian people and the public servants are on his side, he says that they are united and supported him and more… They know no bounds at lying. It has been fifteen years since they have lost their sense of shame.

I told you that drag the whole world humanity including the Turkish nation to disasters, to death, to en masse destruction, to starvation”. I said “Exploit them more, humiliate them more, I will not get involved.” I didn’t say “push my buttons more”.

You have pushed the limits too hard but you will no longer be able to push it this far again. So, make your decisions, decide your path accordingly.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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