CIA stopped Wagner

Putin and his gang had no choice and they still haven’t. Even Zelenski panicked and said “Putin shouldn’t be overthrown”. If it is a real war, Ukraine would have already begun to crush Russia. The Ukraine army would have already been around Moscow. Russia would have begun to disintegrate rapidly. NATO would have rose up and made moves one after another. They wouldn’t miss such an opportunity. Also tens of governments who act like they are pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

The entire world saw it… The certain governments and leaders went silent in the first moments of this right and legal rebellion in Russia. Then, they performed psycological battle techniques. They spreaded hundreds of fake news, they still do. Most of them made by one person. And the real news are still sencored. They made tens of despicable moves one after another to reduce the people’s support and the international support for Wagner.

Prigojin have the support of an international ally. This ally is the ally of those who want to continue on their way with Istanbul. This is the ally of the sensible people who want to start the gigantic projects all around the world at the same moment. This is a very powerful ally…

Again, tens of countries of the world are trying to hold the power in their hands in one more country, prevent the world from changing by colluding. They are trying to keep the power in the hands of the pawns of Israel, England and the USA. Despite this, these pawns/traitors act like they are against these countries and they continue to act this way. Almost all of the statements from official authorities are false statements and in collusion. They are already exposed but still expect these tricks to work.

It was the same countries who keep the betrayal organization called Ankara government in power in the last process. But they have lost too much power all over the world. They are about to collapse in every country, simultaneously. Anything can happen at any moment. The governments can be overthrown like dominoes, one after another.

Even Tayyip’s pro-Putin statement was made with the instructions of Israel and England. Are you from those who still think NATO and Russia are enemies and are fighting, are you one of those who are deceived by them?

Wagner did not surrender and will not. In the worst case scenario, if wagner will surrender or will be defeated, the Russian patriots did not and will not surrender. The current order have no more strength to stand upright. The image which Tayyip cannot stand upright is the overall image of the Ankebut Cult. Every sane person accepted this fact already.

Istanbul has been preparing these days for years… So many Mfs followers in Turkiye and abroad are shocked in the last couple of days. But this is nothing, Mfs wind will blow in the world for the next weeks, months and years. Istanbul wind blow.

They didn’t even keep the promise they give to Prigojin with official statements in front of the world’s media and they will not. Because the result is the same for them, even if they keep their promises or not and they know that they will be overthrown either way. They are resisting and hoping that maybe it will be possible for them not to be overthrown. They are deceiving themselves.

The world’s press and media and the certain social platforms are under the control and sencor of freemasonry, people should be careful not to be deceived by tales.

Nothing is over yet in Russia and everything is just getting started. This is not only Russia’s crisis. This crisis hasn’t started in Russia and it will not be ended with Russia. There is a birth pain across the entire world. The world is giving birth to an Istanbul-based new world order in a way that everyone can see.

The sun is rising in the east one more time where it went down.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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