Very harsh things will happen to Twitter

If you have content on Twitter that its loss may cause financial or/and moral damage, then you should immediately back up them, copy them.

Because Twitter will be in big trouble. It will be inaccessible across the world. There is a high probability that it will never be active or open again. Even if it will be activated again weeks later, it will be unable to retain the data and will continue its way without the data.

As I’ve warned you before, if you have your business on social media networks and youtube, if your system works through them, you should have found an alternative to them. I don’t know what you can do, from now on. But, you should know that those systems which are standing against the will of Turkiye and the Turkish nation will be punished.

This election in Turkiye is so important that there is no one left who doesn’t interfere with it. Even the other planets interfere with it and there will be a violent conflict, accordingly. During the time, things we never expected will happen.

Those who do business with this scum called Elon Musk, those who are around him and support him or those who support him from a distance, even those who are on the same side as him and support him through publishing won’t believe what will happen to them.

Also, the underground cities and everyone from the alien species to the jinns’ groups won’t believe what will happen to them.

No one can prevent Turkiye’s struggle for freedom, they are only shotting themselves in the head and destroying their own systems.

Watch out, Turkiye is coming.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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