Don’t get wrath of Istanbul by getting abetted with Biden masked character

Stop the foolishness. Haven’t you learnt any lesson from what happened?

Do not believe a bunch of fool who think that they can take me and those who are acting together with me out of the game by illegaly using our state’s institutions against me.

Do not get carried away with the American senators and the Pentagon gangs. If you do, you will be disappointed. I’m telling you…

It’s your choice, then come on, I am at my place.

The operations to make Istanbul the official capital city of Turkiye must be started now.

Netanyahu must be gone, now. His resistance is of no use even for those on his side.

If the USA is a real state of law, Biden, Kamala and Trump must be arrasted simultaneously.

The Tayyip character has already lost his authority. Now, Tayyip era is oficially over. Those who try to extend the process by not accepting this fact will be trampled under foot.

I will make all the countries, governments, gangs companies, armies who are openly or secretly working with Taliban regret it. Taliban is a terrorist organization and this is a non-negotiable truth. No one can treat Taliban as an interlocutor.

Biden is a terror offender because of he deliberately gave countless equipments of the US army to Taliban. The American officials who aided and abetted him are also terror offenders.

If the USA still have justice/law, Biden and Kamala must be in pre-trial detention for tens of grave crimes/files.

The interventions of the American authoritative and influential people to Turkiye’s government, institutions, courthouse and even hospitals is a cause of war between Turkiye and the USA. The USA will get out of Turkiye. And the date is very close.

A couple of American senators who are afraid of their own shadows, who are money launderers, satanist ritualists cannot stop Turkiye from gaining its true freedom. We will wake them up from their dream world with very harsh interventions.

If you have any sense, you wouldn’t leave any bionic robot or a masked character around the world. Take them all out of the game. Because we will not hesitate about anything, we will do what is necessary. This is the time to share the tangible evidences. Now, it’s the time to catch the bionic robots and masked people red-handed… Even if the entire world turns upside down, it is the right time and we will do this. I’m telling you…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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