I told you…

Hundreds of followers of mine from around the world are witnesses to that I said “We will burn who burn us, we will destroy who destroyed us”. These are the good days, you will see what will happen to them. What I said will happen and I will remind it with articles as this one.

Everyone in Russia have heard that the Putin character is not real… Despite the cencor, this topic became an agenda in Russia. Peskov had to say “Putin is real, he was not and is not a stunt, he is on his duty” but it is a lie…

One of the countries who try to keep Tayyip and his gang in power by making idiotic and arrogant moves is Russia and its conditions are worse than Tayyip and his gang, worse than Turkiye. I openly wrote that this will happen, they will be consumed before Ankara. The article is still there, between the previous posts…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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