Or whatever your name is in Armenian…

It is so close, I will trample you under my foot. You are stirring up trouble insidiously and you think it goes unnoticed. You are working for London that cannot even save itself.

You will see what will happen…

There is no state called Azerbeijan in reality. It is appear to be a  so-called Turkish state but it is Armenian in practice… And it is even a little bit Israel… The authority in this country is not given to the real Turks. Even the officials sent from here, from TSK to Azerbaijan are secret Armenian and secret Jewish people.

I will continue to ruin their game and to wake the people up. Very soon, those lands will be included in Turkiye and the spineless, crypto-ID traitors will be punished in those lands.

Due to the process, it is very likely that the Armenians with open or secret identity inside and outside of our country will go crazy…

I am not worried at all. I have got rabies vaccine and all the equipment to cull. All the slugs feeding on the bloody money laundering businesses must disperse immediately. I will destroy that land, I will clean that land by burning it.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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