Doesn’t it require the establishment of death stands in the Divan-ı Harp?

How come Bilal Erdoğan was accepted to Harward which is regarded as the world’s most brilliant school from Kartal Imam Hatip Lisesi?
We are not questioning it.
An interesting name have mediated Bilal Erdoğan’s transfer to Harvard.
Orit Gadiesh.
One of the high representative of MOSSAD.
Is that all?
Off course, not.
She is also the sister in law of Shimon Peres who was Erdoğan’s interlocutor on the “one minute” event.
So, Orit Gadiesh’s sister is married to the Prime Minister of Israel.
Is it finished?
No! Who is Orit Gadiesh married to?
Grenville Byord who is one of the co-founders of AKP and one of the most important names of the neo-conservatives.
Pretend to defy Israel in front of the people, and then say “one minute”.
(From the book of the journalist-author Gürkan Hacır, “Masal”)

Isn’t this subject in the area of the authoritative prosecutors?
Isn’t this subject requires to establish a Supreme Court in TBMM or if it is not possible, to carry out death sentences at the martial court?

Is the judicial system exist in this country only to fight against the real muslims, real patriots?

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