Always talking but no action

Ukraine can go to hell… We will not mediate between anyone or we will not be anyone’s pawn on the Ukraine issue. Those who want to extend the Ukraine issue against my will should make the Ukraine meetings in their own country. I do not want to see any activities in Turkiye on this matter.

I have already said that needs to be said about Egypt. I do not take into account the recent official statements on this issue. You shouldn’t take it into account, either and do not waste your money, time and effort.

The only thing Turkiye and Egypt can do is a war, as long as Egypt’s current conditions continue and as long as I live. There is nothing else we can do with them. Egypt must stop being a pawn of others. It must be a country that its people live humanly and in a proper way. It must be a real, proper muslim country or they will leave the religion and chose another one. We will not waste our time with Egypt. It would only take us two months to throw it away with our wind.

All talk, no action…

They said they will turn the black sea a sea of NATO. Actually there is no need to respond to that… Does NATO still exist? Do they have money left? Do they have soldiers, order, vehicles or a navy left?

Is Turkiye still a pawn of NATO? It is obvious that the circumstances have changed… Take a look at the circumstances, NATO should try to protect the USA if it can. Soon, those lands will be invaded from all four sides…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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