The only way for salvation is to comply with the criteria of Istanbul

If I were you, if I would have gone bankrupt and lost everything I have, then I would shoot down the mediums and the astrologers. Because they deceived you on purpose. They lied to you.

The banks in China also went bankrupt. It will be revealed, soon.

The news about the suicides of the Indian bosses have become commonplace. India is a collapsed state at the moment…

I will not allow anyone to loot Iran. Those who enter Iran with their armies will not be able to leave the country. They will be burried in those lands.

No one’s crisis or bankruptcy is my concern… Those who will loot must stay away from Turkiye, its surroundings and the Turkic world. Let the European countries and the countries on the American continent loot each other.

All the parties who don’t accept my red lines will collapse, will go bankrupt, will disappear. There is the only way for salvation: Comply with Istanbul’s criterias.

The capital owners who haven’t gone bankrupt yet, who don’t want to go bankrupt and who are not the enemies of Istanbul should leave India, immediately. They should save their own lives and property by leaving India.

There will be apocalyptic disasters in India, first. There will be disasters, collapses, diseases, mass deaths in India. And then, Istanbul will put the country back on its feet again. But it will take down the satanists, masons, the enemies of humanity, the money launderers in the country.

The Indian government, most of the Indian politicians and Indian businessmen have chosen this, even though I gave them many opportunities. This is their choice… There is still an opportunity for those who didn’t make their decisions in this direction and who has not wronged Istanbul.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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