Unexplainable things are happening

They are planning to start fires in the branchs of so many banks in many countries one after another. They wil burn their own banks.

Because the banks are empty. They won’t be able to pay the people’s money.

They cannot explain the increasing sinkholes, the cracks and the collapses on the roads past few weeks in the USA and they are trying not to keep it on the agenda.

They are experiencing unexplained events with harsh winter conditions or extreme rainfalls. The events are already happening in the regions receiving small amount of rainfall. They measured the oddity in their mountains but they are hiding the truths from the people.

How could they explain them when they cannot even explain the train accidents and many incidents and the fire in the chemical facilities?

Like in many other countries, unexplained events are happening in Turkiye. So many personnel in MİT that is full of traitors are falling ill and experiencing strange things.

The metaphysicists of MİT are screaming and saying, “That’s enough, let this torment stop.” They groan in pain sometimes.

Similar things are happening in NATO. There are so many things hidden from the world humanity…

They can no longer name it havana syndrome, black fungus, mysterious disease. Everyone who needs to learn what these are have learned and understood.

There are crises in the underground cities under France. They cannot prevent or solve their problems.

The bionic robots are break down more oftenly due to the metaphysical signals they exposed to. The bionic robots are getting out of control and stop acting according to the orders because of the problems of their artificial intelligence are taking metaphysical blows.

The core/nuclear plants of Russia cause more risk.

The secret core energy plants that they use for electromagnetic attacks are exposing to heavy metaphysical attacks. It is not happening only in Russia, it is the same for the countries who can do the same attacks…

As the similar systems continue to expose the metaphysical attacks, the system that artificially regulating the climates continue to take blows. Soon, frequent rainfalls and even snowfalls can occur in the desserts. Grass and plants can frequently grow in semi-arid regions. Abnormal seasonal conditions can be seen. Even the sea flows can change.

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