If they were to undergo medical examinations…

Some of them might have chip on their body and live under mind control. Some of them are genetically engineered since the sperm phases. Some of them might grown in artificial wombs. And some of them might not be humans but bionic robots.

The bionic robots aside, even the human ones are coded by programming being emotionless and merciless.

China is like a different part/land of another world our for thousands of years…

These are mostly the mess of the green reptilians who look like lizards… They have an immense curiosity about genetic engineering and they ruined their bodies/generations.

The air force, the land forces and the navy in China are full of bionic robots. Most of the ranking officers are bionic robots but there are also bionic robots among the soldiers who are used to collect information and to give institutions.

The alien species provided science and technology support to China to create a new China-based Ankebut Cult lately, just as they once provided science and technology support to the USA to make the US the super power of the world… Despite this, their attempt to grow China hormonally blocked by the Istanbul obstacle. Despite the support of aliens, China’s growth has stopped and it is collapsing rapidly. China is becoming a burden even to the alien species.

The balances has changed to a greater extent across the world. The underground cannot run the above ground. In fact, the underground cannot ensure unity and order in the underground cities.

There is no country can struggle and show determination to prevent Russia from collapsing the way the USA does. Their struggle is very impressive that they made the somersault. They even did a handstand. They even did backflips. The have tried every kind of collusion, they still do. They made every kind of ridiculous official statements. Because the US’ administrative staff is full of bionic robots, just like Russia and China. The balances between the alien species cause all of these, mostly.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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