Atmospere is extremely tense in the field

Charles, Sunak, Trump, Aliyev, Lavrov, Netenyahu, Biden, Austin, Obama, Scholz, Miço, Xi, Tayyip, Bohçalı, Soysuz… They are all freaking out. They are so angry, so desperate.

While they are freaking out, they are making crazy plans to eliminate me in my place with the local/foreign military elements. Even George Soros is in this gang… It is a small part of the plan to land special teams from the air by helicopters… It is also small parts of the plan to send special teams from Dedeağaç toward here and bring Turkey’s military ships in the open waters of Kartal…

The next process will be stormy. The Ankebut Cult will lose, collapse, disintegrate around the world, rapidly and concretely. Therefore, they will get mad at me each time. Each time, they will want to try their crazy plans. I do not care, we can give the necessary response to all of them, we will.

My surroundings are very risky, now. The friendly elements shouldn’t walk around here. They shouldn’t act suspiciously. At least, stay out of the inner circle. They could be hit by the stray bullets.

Everyone understands that Turkey will no longer be the old Turkey. The world will no longer be the old Turkey. The conflicts will not end, until we get the result we want.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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