The real Jerusalem is Istanbul… The temple of Solomon is on the Istanbul’s historical peninsula…

The Mount Sinai which is called Tur Sinai, a spaceship looks like a piece of land, like a mountain is in the Historical peninsula in Istanbul…

I have told that there was a very advanced technology at the time of the prophet Moses, moreover, they didn’t received the advanced technology from the aliens. No one could keep up with the science and technology of the people of Earth in those times but the science and technology were eliminated because the things got out of control.

The Tur Sinai, the prophet Moses went up to is produced with this level of technology and no one has reached that level of technology yet.

It could hang in the air, no one could harm it, neither humans nor aliens.

Khidr (pbuh) was alive at the time of the prophet Moses, he is still alive… He have more knowledge and wisdom than the prophet Moses. They met at the meeting point of the two seas, in Istanbul.

Khidr (pbuh) guided, informed the prophet Moses.

He taught him many things about the shocking truths in the world that he didn’t know, he even showed them to him. One of them was the spaceship that looks like a mountain which is called Tur Sinai.

Istanbul was a settlement even in those times about 9-11 thousand years ago and it was the center city of the world.

Dhul-Qarnayn conquered everywhere in the world and united it as a single state. He made Istanbul the capital city of the world.

The control of many things which have moral and material value had been given to Dhul-Qarnayn, including the Tur Sinai, at that times… He had advanced knowledge and wisdom more than thousands of prophets, just like Khidr (pbuh). He developed some of the things that were given to him.

Then, there were the era of the prophet Dawud and then there were the era of the prophet Sulaiman. The prophet Sulaiman took over the world’s state after Dhul-Qarnayn. He was the king and the prophet who conveyed his message. He was the prophet of both the humans and the jinn. The jinn were so happy and in peace in those days. Then the Iblees dragged the jinn realm to darkness, savagery and ignorance, once again. It was like the sun has never come out again after it is darkened in the jinn realm, since that day. The sun will rise again because of Hz. Mahdi.

The prophet Sulaiman also made Istanbul the capital city of the world and he led the world from Istanbul.

In this process, the prophets left to each other things with material and spiritual value from hand to hand. The prophets never owned the materially valuable things.

We come to the most shocking part that will devastate some of the communities in this world…

There came a time, they landed the Tur Sinai on the region called the Historical peninsula, the spaceship placed itself in there.

In time, its surroundings filled with soil and rocks. In fact, ground works were carried out with artificial techniques to fill the floor.

Tur Sinai stayed there but many of the non muslim countries’ leaders, including Nemrud and Buhtunnasır went after the Tur Sinai after the prophet Sulaiman.

Even the real dajjal who is the leader of the alien species is after it…

The Dajjal made that region his central base because that region has always been the ruling center of the world and because the Tur Sinai is in that region. He was giving direction to the world from England in appearance but in reality, he gave direction to the political, financial, military, religious, scientific balances from Istanbul.

They wanted to enter inside of the Tur Sinai, they wanted to take the control of it but they have failed. They are still after it…

Because the 10 pages were sent down to the prophet Adam are inside the Tur Sinai…

Because the 50 pages were sent down to the prophet Seth, the 30 pages were sent down to the prophet Idris, and the 10 pages were sent down to the prophet Ibrahim are inside the Tur Sinai…

All the holy relics of some of the 224 thousand prophets are inside the Tur Sinai…

Neither of the holy relics collected from the Ottoman palace was real and the fake ones are was stolen in the last process and replaced with the fake ones of the fake ones.

Pat attention, the fake holy relics are displayed and are on display in the Topkapi Palace, in the Historical peninsula.

So, the original ones are still inside of Tur Sinai, under the ground but the fake ones are displayed, are on display directly above it.

The wand of the prophet Moses is in it.

The seal of the prophet Sulaiman is in it.

The other holy relics are in it.

The real Torah is in it.

The real Psalter is in it.

The real Bible is in it.

Karun lived at the time of the prophet Moses. I have shared shocking publications about this subject before the Maraş-based artificial attacks took place.

I have written openly that the most of the treasures of Karun is in the borders of Turkey, under the ground. The certain circles no longer have any doubts and they are targeting the region.

Karun was hiding his treasures under inaccessible conditions with the high technology in his time.

The building/instracture/system that he is hiding in his treasures is mentioned in Quran.

The building, the spaceship has an enormous technological protection.

No one could break down the technological protection on that building in thousands of years. The alien species also couldn’t break it down. The greens, the greys and the other species are incapable of breaking down the protection. Also the dajjal is incapable of breaking it down. They hoped that they could break it down through the shock pulses that caused the last artificial earthquake attacks but they failed.

I made them understand that this will be that way, though… I wrote that the only one who can break it down is Hazrat Mahdi and he will, when the time comes.

Let’s get back to Istanbul… The Tur Sinai have so much more advanced protection system than the Karun’s system…

Those who cannot reach Karun’s treasures cannot enter the Tur Sinai and cannot seize what is inside of it.

The only one who will unlock the Tur Sinai will be hz. Mahdi. It will be so easy for him. Because it is programmed to identify, to recognize Hz. Mahdi.

There are also very big treasures in the Tur Sinai. Hz. Mahdi will take the control of these treasures and he will use it for the benefit of humanity.

There are books, digital archives about very high science and technology in the Tur Sinai, like the books in Karun’s building.

There are also concrete evidences, information and data about the real history of the world.

I’ve told that this kind of spacecrafts don’t need fuel or maintenance. These vehicles built with very high technology. The continuation of the world’s magnetic field is enough for these vehicles to work properly. This must be one of the reasons why they disrupted the gravity and the magnetic field in such a high level in the Maraş-based disaster region. They did it to consume the energy of the Tur Sinai… Break down the protection shield of the Tur Sinai…

When Hz. Mahdi unlock the Tur Sinai, he will enter it and take over the control of it.

He will fly it again. He will land it wherever he wants. He will hold it steady whenever he wants. Neither surface-to-air, nor air-to-surface, nor space-to-air attacks… None of them will be able to harm it.

Those who live in our world are the residue of the Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog). Dhul-Qarnayn defeated them in the past and put a magnetic shield around their planet. He put a magnetic field around our world, either (Van Allen Radiation Belt). It is impossible for the residue of them to harm the Tur Sinai and the similar systems…

But soon, those who trapped in their planet from the Gog and Magog will pass through the shield around their planet.

They will come to our world and they will also pass through the shield around our world.

These parts are mentioned in the hadiths that Hz. Isa will be returned to the world at that time. He will come together with Hz. Mahdi and he will not take the lead from him. He will be a spiritual leader.

The gog and magog will brutally try to destroy the all the world humanity, right around that time. Only those who are in the Tur Sinai will be saved at that time.

Hz. Isa, Hz. Mahdi and the true believers who sincerely follow them will be saved. The attackers will destroy the “herd” that left behind… Hz. Isa and Hz. Mahdi will not stop the destruction.

Therefore, a destruction very similar to the one at the time of the prophet Noah will take place at the time of Hz. Mahdi… Disasters very similar to the one that took place at the time of the great prophets will take place at the time of Hz. Mahdi…

Hz. Isa and Hz. Mahdi will destroy the attackers after they completed the destruction.

They will destroy the most of it with their breaths, with their spiritual/metaphysical abilities.

Hz. Isa and Hz. Mahdi can reverse the direction of the rotation and the flow of the galaxy when they come together. What can be done with metaphysics/spiritual power cannot be done with technology. The technology is weak compared to metaphysical power.

A question for you:
Was it the Tur Sinai the arcade of the prophet Noah?
Did they rise into the sky and went to space and then come back to the Earth when the flood was over?

I have a few more questions

  • Could Tabut-u sekine and the Tur Sinai be from the times of the earlier Adams to the present day?
  • Could our father Adam have gone to Venus and come back to our world with the Tur Sinai? Could he have reached to the second Eve from Venus with this spacecraft?
  • Will Hz. Mahdi enter reclusion in the Tur Sinai when the time comes and complete his evolution, like the prophet Moses did?

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