That Devil will come here, how long will he hide himself?

He became a recluse, they said. He must stop lying. He cannot go into the jinn because has turned into a roasted chicken from the blows I struck.

He couldn’t do what he said he was going to do, their plans didn’t work. This is also why he can’t go into the jinns. He sent billions of jinn to hell by sending them toward us. And he is left humiliated and miserable.

We can send more of them to hell right away. Those who run away should wear skirts.

The metaphysicists around the world have seen what Istanbul did to the iblees and his gang from the jinn.

The iblees knows that I’m not going to die. He also knows that my crew members are not going to die. He deceives you all, again.

This is idiocy. I have told you this for years, I still do. I was supposed to die years ago.

Stop dreaming this empty dreams… Me and my crew will manage the war when the Melhame-i Kübra(Armageddon) break out. We will send tens of armies of the enemy countries to hell. The Iblees knows this. He also knows that he cannot change the fate.

From now on, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…

If there will be military conflicts or a comprehensive war between Azerbaijan and Armenia or Azerbaijan and Iran, we will not be a party of these conflicts. We will not be on Azerbaijan’s side. We will not provide any support to them. In fact, we will make some interventions for Azerbaijan to lose the war.

Because those conflicts will only be a collusion. It will not be a real war. The war will be made for black money, kidnap the people and smuggle organs. It will be made to distrupt the plans of the Turkic world, the plans of Istanbul. Azerbaijan who is no different than Israel, who is a money launderer and treacherous will do what is expected of it, once again.

A country called Azerbaijan doesn’t exist for us. And we will trample them under the foot at the first opportunity. There is only a handful of real Turks and muslims among them. We will show sensitivity for them, only.

They have gone astray more than Sodome and Gomore, but they say that they are Turkish and muslims.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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