I will destroy their satanic system on their heads

I find myself powerful as much as the moon. Understand it, right? As much as the moon…

From now on, we will bombard the countries who carry out naval, land and air forces exercises that are connected to the Ankebut Cult in the most heavy way with metaphysics.

From now on, Israel, England, the USA, Russia and China will be exposed to the signal the most.

They will be dysfunctional countries. They cannot hide what’s happening from the press and the media.

Even though they say “there are strikes” and will cancel the flights, even though they say “there are UFO’s” and close the airports, even though they say “we are under attack from hackers” and having serious problems, even though they say “there is an unknown sendrom” and “killed himself” and they will try to cover it, everyone will realize what is happening from the background.

If you have Samsung and Sony devices, you should change the brand in a short time, you should buy from different brands. Do not buy the South Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian brands or the electronic products produced in these countries. I have warned everyone in parts before, this is my last and detailed warning…

You will see what I can do, one more time…

Soon, some of the underground alien cities that are still trying to fight against me will be filled with lava and some of them will be filled with seawater.

Some of them will collapse, before the people inside of them could escape. This will be a great cleanse above the ground, also.

Even if I have to collapse everywhere, burn everywhere with lava, fill everywhere with seawater on this planet and start a primitive life, I will clean this world. I will destroy the system of the Iblees, the Dajjal, the satanists and the masons.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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