We won’t allow them

Ned Price cannot save any of you. You are not a rescue or an aid team, leave Turkey.

The statement about “the Syria borders are under control” of the Ankara government who made hundreds of false statements since the time of the earthquake moment until now is a huge lie.

Everyone must be prepared for an armed action. This time, only an armed struggle can clean up this. And this armed action is as indispensable/necessary as Kuvai Milliye (National Forces).

We will not give a plot of land. We will not give Syria, either. We will not give it to the so-called Syrian refugees, either. We will not allow them to establish so-called Kurdistan and so-called Great Israel.

Ankara’s and Kandilli Observatory’s explanations of the intensity of the earthquakes do not reflect the reality. They are deliberately hiding, distorting the truths. Many things that need to be done to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the disaster zone in Maraş through state power hasn’t yet been done/isn’t being done.

Keep weather eye open in the Syrian border. No one will hesitate to use their guns, when necessary.

No one will hesitate to use their guns against to the members and the vehicles of the so-called aid organizations who involved in dirty works and the members of the Turkish Armed Forces.

It will never be allowed to smuggle human, organ, drugs, jewelry, diesel fuel/petrol, electronic devices, home appliance. Even the Governors in Turkey will be shoot, if necessary.

Whether everyone will recognize the law and do his duty properly or he will receive a bullet gift from the Turkish nation.

The metaphysical conflicts that have continued overnight has decreased now… There is the decisive victory, the overwhelming power of the Turks. Consult your metaphysicians.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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