We are taking revenge / it will be taken

There is still intense activity at the sky in the Marmara region. There are many people in the Marmara region who have seen the UFOs with their own eyes. These people communicated each other intensively on these subject through the communication devices and applications.

The number of those died crying, screaming in unimaginable pain among the alien species are increasing. They are dying in as much as pain they deserve. I will make them pay for all the innocent babies, children, teens women, animals, forests. Let the Iblees save them if he can…

I am taking our revenge from the alien species who set up games within a game during the Karbala event… Who tried so hard to end the bloodline of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)… Who made mischief among the mumins… Who used bionic robots… Who used mind control techniques… Who made monstrous interventions. I will continue to take revenge to the end of it in the most dreadful way.

I am getting revenge for those among the Sahaba who have been killed and replaced.

I am taking revenge of those who replaced Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, the lie that he was used as a tool of the invasion attempt of Istanbul and those who spread the lie that his body is in Istanbul…

We will flood the big alien cities under the seas and oceans with sea/ocean water. We will ruin their systems that they will lose the control of their entrances and exits connected to the oceans and seas. All the underground cities of the aliens who are standing and challenging against us will be flooded.

That is how we will simultaneously take revenge of all of them that they ruined the balance of the seas in purpose, that they produced invasive fishes with genetic engineering that destroy the sea creatures and spreaded them, that they transferring the water of the streams, lakes and the inland seas to underground to damage us, that they ruined the balance of the important living species from bees to migratory birds and similar attempts.

Why nobody discusses or reports that the central banks in the countries under the control of the Ankebut Cult are cleaned out, the golds and precious metals are transferred to the polar regions by the big cargo planes, the medicines are transferred to the polar regions for the underground cities, that we can see there is an incredible air traffic on the public flight/radar websites, even hundreds of military cargo planes fly to the poles disappears fromt he radar after a short while and so much more?

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya

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