Very important developments lurking by many Ankebut Network countries

They are hiding the reality in the military field from us. The number of soldiers who are found dead of unknown causes in their bed in the morning is increasing. Not only the number of those who died in their bed but the number of those who collapsed suddenly and died during the day is increasing. These shocking events are causing great fear and panic in the soldiers who survive. It increases the fear even more to see the soldiers who are dying like they are burned from the inside out, suddenly darkened or turned red, cause fear to see that the dead soldiers’ face and body shapes have changed.

The crises of the armies with broken planes and ships, with submarines that are unaccounted for but they wanto to hide the facts as much as possible. The governments are not only struggling with the crises of the armies but with many unusual crises, simultaneously.

We are also wondering how long and with what lies/tactics they can hide the sudden deaths of the famous members of the government and the administrative staff.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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