It’s become certain

It seems that the commentators in Turkey have difficulty expressing which currency will be the new reserve currency, after they expressed that the U.S. dollar will be no longer the reserve currency.

It is obvious that the U.S. dollar will lose a lot of value in a very short time, there will be large fluctuations, major balance changes around the world and in the upcoming process, the Turkish lira will be the new reserve currency rapidly. It is already certain that the Turkish lira is the world’s new reserve currency. All the fair assessments lead us to this conclusion. All the indicators point to this.

It is time for them to openly express this reality. It makes no sense for them to hesitate in expressing this fact.

It is before the eyes that Russia, China and the UN are collapsed with the USA. Or, in other words, the globalist system in the world has collapsed.

People like those have Mfs and Akademi Dergisi in their veins, instead of blood now. They have come a long way by reading Akademi Dergisi and they are still trying to improve themselves. It is a futile effort that they are still attempting to disregard Istanbul, even though they have seen what Istanbul can cause around the world again and again and they are more surprised each time… It is an irrational action…

It doesn’t help anyone to resist any further and it makes no sense. Now, everyone must mention about us by openly saying and writing Mfs, Akademi Dergisi, Istanbul. They are ruining their reputation by resisting not to do this. And also they are ruining their own future with their own hands. They cannot talk or write in a proper way about the facts when they do.

They will have the same ending with the USA and the U.S dollar, if they insist on moving forward in that way.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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