Groundbreaking agricultural projects in Syria

We need to enter into the sugar beet business on a huge scale in Syria.

Just as we meet a very large part of the sugar needs of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and the region from here, we should also export plenty to the rest of the world.

We should produce animal feed with the pulp and green part of sugar beet.

The terrain is very accessible in Syria. We can grow very high-quality sugar beets by using large and multi-storey pots in indoor places, which can be done at very low costs. We can buy 15-20 units of crop from the land that can be bought 1 unit of crop. Moreover, we can do this with a small number of employees, low operating cost and with very low risk.

We also have no problem with clean water and electric energy. There is no longer a terrorist problem in most parts of Syria, either. We have to enter into this business without wasting any time.

Simultaneously, we will enter the peanut business in Syria. We will do this on a huge scale and again in closed spaces with a potted system.

We will be able to keep the soil, water, humidity, air, gas, heat, light, everything under control as we want. The risk will be close to zero. There will be a harvest at least six times a year. At each harvest, at least 20 units of crop will be taken from the land where one unit of crop can be taken.

Planting, watering, harvesting, everything will be with automated systems and there will be low costs. There will be no need for harmful and toxic agricultural medicines.

The peanut oil will be extracted and sold all over the world. It will be used abundantly in cooking, salads, bread making, all kinds of baked products, food industry and everywhere.

The pulp of peanuts will be used in children’s food, food industry, breakfasts, etc. Again, the pulp and green part of the peanuts will also be used to make animal feed.

Even this one job will show that big money can be earned by doing clean work.

We will also start the cassava business from Syria. The territory and other conditions of Syria are also suitable for doing cassava work on a huge scale.

We will also grow manyog indoors with a potted and shelved system completely automatically. We will get very healthy and useful flour from cassava.

Thus, there will be a Syria that can meet a significant part of the world’s flour, oil and sugar needs on its own.

These jobs will also make a great contribution to solving the problem of unemployment and unemployment in Syria.

The parties that will follow my sensibilities… regardless of their religion, language, race… Should not hesitate to make huge investments in Syria. No one will be subjected to oppression or injustice because of his religion, language, race. Syria is under the wings and shadow of Istanbul… There is no room for hesitation.

I have been transparent about everything and have published and explained everything clearly. There is a problem part but it is also a temporary problem. This way, Syria will start to be back on its feet, it will surprise the world, and then the Ankebut Cult parties from the world will try to disrupt these things. They will especially be disturbed by the projects about the Euphrates river and the profits to be made. Even if they want to disrupt, they will not be able to disrupt it with legitimate interventions and competitions.

Then they will try to make a military intervention. They will bring their armies to the region with the alliance. But as you can clearly see in the publications, Istanbul will then send its armies to our brother Syria. “Wait, there is no access from here. There’s no room for you here. Your era will be completely over now.” Istanbul will say. It will pay the price, but it will still not leave Syria and those who will invest in Syria.

Make your big investments in Syria now and without hesitation. No one has been able to make Istanbul kneel down and will not be able to.

On the one hand, while I will manage such works, on the other hand, I will organize cleaning works in Turkiye and dozens of other countries. I will adjust the political, military, financial conditions/balances of the world according to those who want to earn big money by working honestly, doing clean jobs.

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