It needs to end

The lies about the Sumerians must end now.

The Sumerians was Turkish and muslims. The Sumerians was a very civilized community with very advanced technology and was the continuation of the Dhul-Qarnayn’s state/nation. The Hittites, the Scythians, the Sakas were Turkish, either. The lands now called Turkiye and the lands called Mesopotamia have been mostly dominated by the Turks for about ten thousand years. Muslim Turks have always lived and written down the parts of the region that were boasted about in the history of the region.

All of these have concrete scientific evidence. Despite this, those who speak and spread lies in the name of science should now find the punishment they deserve.

The Turkish communities in question have always perished as they left the Islamic religion, as they broke away from the true prophets of their time, as they reached sexual and religious perversion. Sometimes they were destroyed by enemy attacks, sometimes by natural disasters, sometimes by infectious diseases. Nevertheless, not all of them have perished, and their descendants always continued and spread again.

Inventions such as the stone age, the iron age, the bronze age have already collapsed with scientific certainty. Satanist people and Jinns who are working for Iblis again want to maintain these lies.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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