Putin and his acolytes will be trampled underfoot

What have I told you long time ago?

Russia will either emerge victorious by fighting or will disintegrate by fighting in the war. Russia should not be in collusion with Ukraine, it must be a real war.

What am I saying now?

Putin will be crushed under Russian people’s feet.

Don’t I tell everything right on time and in the most understandable way? Why am I not understood, even tough I keep repeating often? This is a mistake after mistake or treason after treason to declare mobilization now, after it’s too late… This will neither benefit Russian people, nor Turkish people, nor the other region’s peoples who want to get rid of the exploitation of the west.

I think, Russian people should crush every tratior in the military and administrative staff under their feet who is working for the west, colluding with the west, especially Putin, Lavrov, Peskov, Zaharova and Shoigu, while mobilizing the people. Otherwise, as I’ve said repeatedly, Russian people will disintegrate, the political map of Russia will change, a piece of land, smaller and weaker than Ukraine will be called Russia. And as I’ve stated repeatedly, I will manage this process in this direction. I will not allow most of the people of the region to be sacrificed in a colluding war leading by tratiors. I will not care about the people who have gone astray on the religious and sexual fields, I will not support them.

Putin has said, ‘I am not bluffing’. He is right. What he has done is not bluffing, it’s collusion. It is a new betrayal at a critical time. All the threats Putin has made are empty. He can do nothing. All he says is; nuclear, nuclear. Except Putin, how many parties have nuclear weapons? If we get pissed off, we can blow up Putin’s nuclear weapons where they are. No one has to worry about his empty threats and this collusion. Everybody make up their mind and crush the head tratiors under their feet. Otherwise, they will disregard the lives and waste tens of peoples in their collusion.

Pay attention, they have neither power nor money left in their hands.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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