Hagia Sophia is the place of Iblis, it will be destroyed when the time comes.

(This publication is the unilaterally published version of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya’s correspondence with a follower on his social media application) I want to tell you a lot tonight, but it is not right, to tell the truth all at once. Since you asked, let me give you general information.

Hagia Sophia is neither a Christian temple nor a Muslim temple.

Hagia Sophia is the project of Iblis. The work of alien species has been subordinated to the Devil’s system.

Hagia Sophia has nothing to do with the conquest of Istanbul. Hagia Sophia is also not a representation/symbol of Istanbul’s dominance.

Those who accept it as such should know that Hagia Sophia never “really” belonged to Christians or Muslims in the past.

Even if the fake conqueror did not turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque after the fake conquest, it was the decision of Iblis.

The drawings and symbols, supposedly from Christianity, actually from Satanism, were not engraved or completely destroyed as per this order.

In the hadiths, in the explanations of the Companions, In the explanations of real Islamic scholars, Hz. Osman’s explanation clearly states that the Mahdi will conquer Istanbul in the End Times. Later, certain organizations replaced this acceptance with contrary propaganda.

The announced conquest of Istanbul will take place very soon, and at that time, Hagia Sophia will not be opened to worship; it will be destroyed.

Yes, it will be destroyed, and the place of Iblis, the temple that represents his dominion, will merge into the dark pages of history, but before it is destroyed, detailed images will be taken, and the secret temples, tunnels, symbols, the places where the tunnels originate will go down in history. The judicial authorities will carry out necessary investigations on these issues, and everything will be explained and shown to the world in a transparent manner, and nothing will be kept secret.

While international trials are already being held for many issues, these Hagia Sophia trials will also be included

I find it significant that the Maiden’s Tower is suddenly refurbished, most of it is demolished with this excuse, and a big construction/remodeling/rubble work is started.

Because the place called Maiden’s Tower, which I have been talking about for a while, has connections with the tunnels and places of violence that go under Hagia Sophia.

Maybe someone wants to destroy them very quickly and the inside of the tunnels very quickly.

One way or another, while shaving, that part will widen the Bosphorus, also called the historical peninsula, and will be completely shaved off.

Hagia Sophia, the so-called mosque of Sultan Ahmed, built by cryptocurrencies, those satanist pyramids and columns, other satanic temples, or Topkapı Palace will remain. All of them will be remembered by the curses of history. They will take their place in the dark pages of history. 

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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