There is no license for fratricide in Islam

 B. D. T (Akademi Magazine follower):

I read your last post. Should I say Fatih? Then who is slaughtering the brothers in the cradle? Have we defended those who say sharia is permissible for years? What is the origin of this?

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya:


It is the basic rule of law; the one who is not guilty is innocent and cannot be punished. What would you say if they tried to hang you tomorrow because you might be a murderer? Islamic scholars and forensic scientists both agree that there is a devil inside every human being. Despite this, a person can never be punished without following that devil and committing crimes that cannot be punished. Those children are innocent. There is no such thing as fratricide in Islam. It has been said that “most of the ulema allowed it” why hasn’t anyone been able to list the names of that ulema for centuries? A straightforward game of betrayal was played. Six centuries later, “Rome hasn’t been conquered yet?” Not many people ask, but it doesn’t. Hz. Osman Sir also informed us that the conquest of Istanbul would happen in the End Times. Many other issues reveal this dirty game, but it is shocking to explain all of a sudden. If people do a little research, they will find it themselves; they will see.

Our measure is the Qur’an and the Sunnah, not the Ottomans… The Ottomans were not faultless. Besides many beauties and many services, there were also many troublesome aspects. Perhaps half of the Ottoman sultans were bionic robots or people who considered themselves non-Muslims. Even Abdulhamid II and Kanuni had severe problems. You have the rest, you think.

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