USA’s new scandal

The USA, one of the unofficial colonies of England, once again intervened in the internal affairs of Turkey, which was advancing towards complete independence.

The USA tried again to intervene in Turkey’s internal affairs and suppress the justice system to protect the secret Jews, secret freemasons, and secret Satanists who live in Turkey by appearing to be Turks and struggling to disrupt all kinds of the established order and all kinds of nice/good things.

The United States made an official statement about Gülşen, a secret Jew and satanist and a member of Adnan Oktar’s organized crime, terror, and treason organization, struggling to make society immoral, dishonest, irreligious, and satanic.

Every day, dozens of citizens are killed or maimed in their own lands due to unjustified police brutality… The last elections were full of fraud and stolen… In the press and media, non-Satanists could not have a say… On social media platforms, “people remained,” and everyone who wanted goodness was censored… Still, The USA, which carries out all kinds of illegal black money works worldwide, causing the death or disability of countless people while doing so, has talked about human rights and freedom of expression. Yes, yes… It really happened like that. The hypocritical, satanic, and unlawful exit of the USA, one of the most disgusting, unlawful, uncivilized, and evil states in the known history of humanity, has put everyone who has remained human and not demonized in Turkey very much.

The official statement made by the USA, this time to protect the black money and treason organizations around the world that it organizes, supports, protects, uses, and whose top cadres are mostly Jewish/Masons, states that the USA is a lawless terrorist state and that the nations It reiterated the necessity for a military operation to save the people of the United States, through an alliance between nations. The official statement of the satanist gang, which took over the administration of the USA with fraudulent elections, is as follows:

“The United States is concerned about the forms of judicial harassment used to restrict freedom of expression in Turkey.

We call on Turkey to respect and guarantee freedom of expression.”

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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