Making my latest warning

It guess my level of anger and seriousness in my writings is not noticeable, like so many times before. They will say ”how did we get here” after it’s too late but it will be their fault again.

It is hard to distinguish between good and evil around me. It disturbs me very much. My surroundings are like the United Nations. Moreover, there are those who act with very simple thoughts, very simple plans, very very simple men. I am thoroughly bored. There will be a great noise from here soon. It doesn’t matter which authorized people will solve or how they will solve the issue/explosion/conflict that the whole world will hear and will be curious about . If they cannot, let the chips fall where they may. I will neither go to prison nor to the grave, nor will I send my people there. I will break down this system.

Also, I have been writing the same thing for years. I have an excellent system and organization. Even alien parties couldn’t harm us, they cannot. I don’t need additional protection of any other human or alien groups. I’m uncomfortable from those useless, unnecessary groups who supposedly acts like providing additional protection by taking it upon themselves. Everyone should decide accordingly.

We are in touch with the influential and authoritative groups from around the world for a long time in some way but I still haven’t had meetings in person. It is impossible to postpone, we have to contact. I may go places in the coming days. I may swing by some serious places. I may make some contacts that will benefit our country and our nation. Nobody should get excited, nor make noise for no reason. I have told this from the beginning.

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