I will burn those who burn forests.

I will destroy the buildings, hotels, and facilities built in the burned forest by putting their owners inside them. I mean it literally, and I’m serious. I will have the one who burns the forest, the one who benefits from it, executed in the worst way. Maybe I can have these people burned alive along with the buildings they built in the places they burned. I will broadcast the images live on TRT.

I will never let those who display nasty attitudes in the food industry knowingly and willingly harm the whole nation’s health, more or less. No human being can do such a thing. People who are dehumanized enough to do this can never become human again. I will not compose these in prisons with the taxes of this nation. A health-damaging food cheat will result in direct execution. Nor will they be allowed to survive in dungeons for a certain period before their execution. In this country, no one will be able to dominate the practices that harm the public and cause unnecessary costs with no excuse.

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