There is no problem in the sun

They are so fed up that they have decided to interfere with the core of the world. I have told that weeks ago.

The aliens who secretly live in our world for thousands of years with very high technology are in bad conditions and losing their dominion over the world that they are looking for a place to escape. They have seen and accepted that even the USA will collapse and go bankrupt soon. They have accepted that even England will be destroyed, the royal family will be perished, that even China will be destroyed in fact they already are destroyed. They know that what they wouldn’t believe, what they would find too extreme and would laugh at three years ago will come true in a short time. They see that an Istanbul-based new world order is clearly being established. They know that they have no place in this new world order, that I will not allow them to stay and live in their underground cities because they are not living humanly.

But, the Mount Qaff which Hz. Dhul-Qarnayn placed around our world (Van Allen Radiation Belt) doesn’t allow the hostile alien species to go another planets. The Mount Qaff both prevent the entrance from the outside of the world and protects the world from alien attacks and it blocks the way out. The alien species in question still haven’t reached the level of science and technology in the Dhul-Qarnayn time. They are quite sure now that the magnetic protection shield called the Mount Qaff is drawing its energy from the world’s magnetic field after what I told lately. And the magnetic field is formed by the rotation of the Earth’s inner core.

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If they will interfere with the inner core which they will, it wouldn’t and will not happen like in the movie called The Core. I have already mentioned before with an audio recording that it would cause unimaginable nature events in different parts of the world. The exaggerated scenes in the science fiction movies can occur. Billions of people could die in a short time. It may cause unprecedented problems in the electrical and electronic systems. Tens of billions devices can be broken simultaneously. Tens of countries can be left in the dark for months, even for years. The function of tens of countries/institutions can be stop suddenly. It would take hours to tell what can happen.

They already communicated with each other in the background. The instructions are already given. They have prepared themselves for these days. The bionic robot leaders and ministers in so many governments are already informed about the issue. The alien species in question have said and still say that “there are massive explosions on the sun” before they try this to direct people’s acceptance and minds and to deceive them. If extraordinary events will take place which they will, everyone should know that these events will take place because of some alien species who will be in pathetic situation and cannot even stay in this world will interfere with the inner core of the world. In fact, there are different problems in different parts of the world these last few days because these kind of interventions started.

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