Either the great and free Turkiye or death!

The Syria issue is done, the rest of it will go as we want. Even if the USA, England, Israel and their other allies want to respond, it will be a weak intervention and it will turn against them. It will cause them so much more damage.

This time, NATO is a weaker, ineffective and a more desperate organization. A NATO without Turkiye can be called trash without hesitation and I already declared that Turkiye is no longer a member of NATO. I will not allow Turkiye to be involved in the decisions and the interventions they want to make within the scope of NATO. I pay no attention to the statements and exercises and I am not interested in them.

The sides/parties are bacoming clear in the UN. There are influential and authoritative people among them who talk about the NATO is trash now. They know that the USA also in a similar situation. The west is collapsed with all of its limbs. There is no use in hiding it to the west.

While we turned the circumstances of the world and especially our region in our favor within the scope of the Ankebut operation, our primary target is to withdraw our military presence in Syria and to take back our islands and lands under occupation called Greece simultaneously. Around the same time, we will take the entire Cyprus back.

The Turkish people and the Turkish capitals should be withdrawn from the Baltic states. I don’t even want to think about how the ends of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania will happen.

We are without words to those who still work with the Queen of England. Their end can be even worse than the end of the Queen and England.

Those who still haven’t say goodbye to Biden and mister Kamala should say it right away. They have a very little time. The US congress will be dissolved, the government will overthrow and the order of the USA will be ruined and there will be chaos in the country. We have an enormous amount of receivables from the USA. They have been exploiting us mercilessly for more than seventy years and have tried to establish an happiness with the unfair earning they gained with persecution and robbery. They have tried, oppressed and spend time and effort in vain. If the USA will be without money, then we will take their lands/cities, the taxes they collect, the state holdings and the real estates belong to the public institutions, power plants, the bridges and the military vehicles and equipments of them. If the USA will disintegrate in a short while, beside Turkiye as a state, there is also my receivables that I will receive from the USA. I am interested in their deserts. I am planning to make great service to humanity through them. Desert means energy. Desert means food. Desert means life. This project will be a source of life for the USA and its people if the USA will continue to exist and if not, then to the new established state/states and to the entire continent of America. Energy will be provided very cheaply, the vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products will be provided easily. Sales will be made from there to around the world. After thousands of years, there will be the civilization, justice and order of the muslim Turks in the continent of America again. This savage continent will finally be saved from the attacks of the aliens and the satanic elements and will be introduced with civilization.

I am also interested in the drought and half drought deserts in the South Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria. I am planning to establish the same system in those lands. Right after, the surprising huge projects will extend to the Central Asian Turkish lands.

The traitor Aliyev is angry and upset. I have mentioned before that there is a possibility that he will make uncontrolled and treacherous moves.

I have no concerns of the Salafi/Vahhabi movement. They cannot be corrected. All of them in this country can rise up with any weapons they want. This would be a very happy development for Turkiye. Then, we can get rid of all of them in a short time. Their women also can be armed and rise up.

We do not distinguish the women if they are armed and involved the war and we do what needs to be done…

Israel, England and the USA are trying to cause turmoil in the communities and places within and around Turkiye. They are trying to cause turmoil to corner Turkiye and to do black/bloody money businesses in the places where they cause turmoil… The turmoils will be are in our favor. There must be turmoil in everywhere to get Turkiye on its feet rapidly. Turkiye was not allowed to give right and legal responses when the terrorists were shedding the Turkish citizens’ blood in Iraq which is our ancient lands. Now, the region and the world balances are very suitable for Turkiye to do an enormous cleansing. We can primarily start to take Mosul, Kirkuk, Suilamaniya and Arbil which are the Turkish cities and advance towards to Persian Gulf. We should drive England, Israel, the USA and their allies out of Turkiye.

We will not hesitate from anything or anyone. We are already ready to pay prices, to fight and get tired. We will pay anything to gain our freedom and to take back our lands which were taken from us with the treachery of the traitors. We will take them back and will be free. We will be a powerful and peaceful Turkiye. I am writing these in the most clear way to make all the parties moving together with me in the field understand my stance clearly on these issues. Those who want rights will get it, those who disobey will be crushed. The communities who will be deceived by the games of the enemies of Turkiye and the peoples of the region will pay the price of their mistakes. If anyone will be to blame, it will be them and the parties who deceived them.

We will have good relations with all the states or the groups in the states who will be willing to get along with Turkiye and grow together with Turkiye. We will earn them while we earn. We will act with the Turkish justice. And we will conflict with all the parties who act contrary to this and who want to conflict Turkiye. And we will show the Turkish justice and courage and how the Turks crush those who deserve to be crushed.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya


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