Our sword is sharp

Before Putin is impeached and tried in an international court, the top names of the interstate gang led by the USA, Britain, and Israel must be tried. They should be tried for crimes such as terrorism, war, massacre, looting, torture, human and organ smuggling, and drug smuggling that they have committed for decades in Afghanistan, Iraq, and dozens of countries within the framework of the BOP(GMEI). These countries still continue to commit these crimes. All relevant government officials, members of the army, and secret service officials, even members of the press and media who misrepresented the events, as well as organizations that pretended to be NGOs and were partners in these crimes, should be prosecuted.

Even now, the USA is standing in Syria completely illegally. Currently, the United States is an occupying force in Syria. It continues to commit and operate various crimes in question. The immediate expulsion of the United States from Syria is a requirement of law. Turkey will also stand as a country that abides by international law and will not only leave Syria immediately but also help/support the removal of elements of all countries except Russia. Therefore, if a military conflict arises between Russia and the USA and its allies in the process of ensuring the territorial integrity of Syria, Turkey will clearly be the country/army that supports the Russian and Syrian armies. From now on, no party in the world should have any doubts.

In the Ukraine issue, those who should be tried first are George Soros, Joe Bidon, Kamala, Zelenski, and the Israeli officials he passed. Then everyone already knows who is in the ranking.

Turkey is no longer a country governed like an undeclared colony of England or the USA. Turkey is not a country that approves and supports the decisions, behaviors, occupations, massacres, and exploitations that these countries have supposedly made lawful in their own minds.

The tape must be rewound, and the date of September 11, 2001, must be immediately brought to justice, and thousands of officials from the USA, England, and Israel in total must be put on trial. The foundation of the chaos in our region was concretely laid that day, and Israel and the US authorities carried out a terrorist attack on those towers that day. Afterward, thousands of lies made official statements and made the world such a troubled, painful, and fearful place. Even the fact that more than ten million refugees are supposed to be filled in Turkey is a part of the unlawful and brutal plans of these countries. Their goal is to make Turkey like Iraq, like Syria. It is to make a place where there is a vacuum of authority, its borders are divided, and where people’s life, property, and chastity are not safe. It is obvious and there is concrete evidence that AKPKK, which was established by these countries within the scope of the BOP project, has served the savage plans of these countries since its establishment.

Now, if the time has come for the sharp sword of justice to be used against the USA, Israel, England, and other allies, it doesn’t matter what AKPKK says or tries to do, Turkey’s naivete is in favor of justice. He is in favor of being sharp swords and ensuring justice.

If our sharp sword should take the heads of AKPKK, MHPKK, and the so-called opposition parties that colluded with them, we are ready to do this even today.

Let no one try to test the sharpness of our sword and resolve. According to the law, we cannot be held responsible for the heads to be severed and the blood to be spilled. We will never hesitate to do our part in establishing an order in the world and slaughter politicians and members of the army who smuggle people and organs.

Mehmet Fahri Keskinkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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