Time is running out

Everybody, determinate their line straight.

If there are still those who will stand against us on the Greek issue, let them determinate their lines. Let them just stop making evasive remarks and trying to do things quietly from the background and stand up straight in front of us. We do not consider exercises. Let them mobilize against us with air, land and naval forces.

We think the time has come and we are taking all of Cyprus. We also take all of the islands, islets and rocks in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. We are re-incorporating the mainland of Greece into our lands. We also intervene in the US/NATO bases there. We are starting to include Southern Azerbaijan in our borders.

Now let’s see the hands, let’s see the cards. Let’s see this tiny black money statelet called Israel. Let’s delete it from the map through this occasion. In fact, his interventions in Syria and Lebanon are completely unlawful and within the scope of terrorism. Let’s punish them too.

The whole nation has now understood the electromagnetic attacks that have been increased these days. What happens in Ankara, Van, the Aegean region and many other points is always electromagnetic attacks. With these, Turkiye cannot be restrained and cannot be brought to its knees. I am not saying that “disasters cannot be caused in Turkiye”, but “I will definitely punish the related countries, nations and armies as severely as necessary for the disasters to be caused by artificial calamities. Those who caused will definitely face what its cost.” I say.

After these words, let no one be left in the middle. Everyone pick a side. Everyone choose their style. Let him choose how they will act. All parts are free in their choices, and we will respond accordingly.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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