Take a look at that Putin

See if he kicked the trash can? Has he broken his desk, are the windows all around intact? Has that useless head banged against the wall and is there any damage or damage to the walls or furniture? Forget about it and see if there is any public damage.

Had he summoned Lavrov, cursed him, or threw something at Lavrov, “You idiot, you just did it? Did he say, “What kind of trouble have you thrown us into”… In fact, look if that Lavrov is still alive…

Even in such a process, Putin pretended to play games beyond stupidity, seeing himself in situations/conditions where he didn’t actually exist. Yes, yes… That famous Putin, who any beauty or nobility has not influenced for so many years, used this opportunity like this. He also set up a game again for Mfs, who broke his games many times and almost never killed himself, almost killed him before he died, almost erased it from history. After all, even the street vendors wouldn’t really be doing this. Even inexperienced 18-year-old peddlers would not make this grave mistake again at this moment. It’s not stupidity, it’s not ignorance, it’s not deception, it’s filth… It’s filthy and nasty… This is animosity towards humanity. This is primarily hostility towards Russia.

If it is Tayyip, it is not worth even going and looking at it. Its rule is no longer valid only in Ankara. Pawn came, pawn will go.

We will find our way. We will be ready for any kind of conflict. We will be very careful against all kinds of tricks, traps, plans, and ambushes.

I still have dozens of cards in my bag that I never use. I really don’t like to be in the game with so-called world leaders with such low profiles, such low morals, even completely immoral ones.

There will also be some sudden decision changes. Tomorrow will be a very, very good day for us.

This is Istanbul, there is no other Istanbul. This is Istanbul, this is the center of the world, the capital of the world, and there is no other center in this world.

Everyone should put their feet on the ground firmly and cautiously, and not turn around the center in another orbit. This center brings all parties to safety, security, well-being, peace, abundance, justice, and happiness. However, those who think that they are the center fill all parties to hell.

The Russians were supposed to kill ten birds with one stone. Now they have become worthless prey and are left in the middle. The world should know that we will withdraw from Syria and we will topple Tayyip when we want. Not when someone is making plans and rubbing their hands…

Mehmet Fahri Ezberbozan|Akademi Dergisi

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